Trusts and Estates

Strategies to secure your family’s future

Our Trusts and Estates Practice Group works closely with individuals and families to design and implement thorough estate plans that meet your distinct needs. We help you manage and protect your wealth, defer and avoid estate taxes, and give your families security in the future. Our attorneys assist with the sensitive and often complicated area of probating an estate, including preparing and filing court paperwork, re-titling assets, preparing any necessary estate tax returns, and preparing fiduciary accounts.

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures seamless estate planning at every turn, including:

  • In conjunction with our Fiduciary Services Group, we serve as personal representative or trustee, either alone or with another person, to ensure each trust and estate is managed prudently and in accordance with the client’s wishes.
  • Alongside our Domestic Relations Group, we prepare prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and represent clients in adoption, guardianship, and conservatorship matters.

The attorneys in our group are well-versed in probate litigation. We regularly advise clients in their capacity as fiduciary or beneficiary of an estate and trust, whether the matter involves a will contest or merely seeks to resolve ambiguous or conflicting terms in an estate plan. Oftentimes, attorneys will request that we serve as an expert witness in divorce matters involving gifted or inherited property.  Whatever the matter, our practical approach enables us to assist the parties in reaching a fair and reasonable settlement without protracted court proceedings.

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