Nanotechnology is the creation, engineering,
manipulation, and use of particles that measure 1 to 100 nanometers in
size.  The science of nanotechnology is being applied globally and here in
Massachusetts to numerous industry sectors including energy, flexible
electronics, cosmetics, food packaging, life sciences, pharmaceuticals,
environmental remediation, sports equipment, aerospace, automotive, military,
and medicine.

Nanotechnology has been described as an
exciting new frontier and a potentially “disruptive” technology that should be
the basis of the next industrial revolution. Under the National Nanotechnology
Initiative (“NNI”), the U.S. federal government has invested nearly $21
billion across 25 federal agencies in nanotechnology research, development,
engineering, and safety assessment since 2001. Another $1.5 billion was
dedicated to the NNI for 2015. Massachusetts itself has invested over $100
million in research, development, and academic infrastructure in this burgeoning
local industry since 2005. Nanotechnology is and will be a driver of economic
development and[RAB1]
the advanced manufacturing industry in Massachusetts and the United States for
several decades to come.

Prince Lobel’s Nanotechnology Practice
Group is a multidisciplinary team that offers both strategic and practical
advice. We were named Best Nanotechnology Team in the U.S. for 2014 by Acquisition
 magazine.  We were instrumental in founding the New
England Nanotechnology Association (“NENA”) in 2012, and have led that
organization through three years of steady growth and diversification of
membership.  We co-sponsor and produce the annual Destination Nano
Conference in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s
Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence, and the NSF-funded Center for High-Rate
Nanomanufacturing at UMass Lowell and Northeastern University.  Clients
working with the Nanotechnology Group have access to the full range of our
services, including counseling, transactions, and litigation, provided by an
integrated team of lawyers with experience in:

Prince Lobel’s Nanotechnology Group does not
simply provide its clients with comprehensive legal advice. It provides clients
with a complete solution to any issue by working in conjunction with an
industry-leading team of strategic partners who possess knowledge in
nanotechnology science, toxicology, engineering, human factors engineering,
industrial hygiene, and insurance risk management. Our attorneys publish
thought-leading articles in scientific and trade publications, and conduct
seminars on cutting-edge issues in nanotechnology across the U.S. Firm
attorneys also participate in dialogues with state and federal regulators, and
are actively participating in the creation of both international and national
industry standards for successful economic development of nano-businesses, and
for promotion of the environmental health and safety of nanomaterials. Our
experience extends to a number of industries at the forefront of today’s
challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Food Preparation, Preservation, and Packaging
  • Energy and Renewable Energy
  • Construction materials
  • Automotive components
  • Pharmaceuticals and
    Medical Devices
  • Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Cosmetics
  • Sensors
  • Electronics and Semiconductors
  • Insurance
    Underwriting, Coverage and Claims
  • Manufacturing and
    Industrial Hygiene
  • Retail and Wholesale Distribution
  • Environmental Safety
    and Litigation Remediation
  • High Technology
  • Aerospace and Aviation

For more information on Prince Lobel’s
nanotechnology practice, please contact Group Chair William S. Rogers, Jr.
 at wsrogers@princelobel.comor 617 456 8112.

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