Sports and Entertainment

Keeping your sports and entertainment plans safe and secure

Prince Lobel’s Sports and Entertainment Team works with you and your advisors to ensure that your interests, and those of your family, are protected in your sports or entertainment endeavors. Our interdisciplinary team is a collaboration of attorneys and professional staff representing practice areas firmwide, giving you the peace of mind that whenever a problem or opportunity arises, an experienced team member will be there to help guide you in the right direction.

Some of the services we provide our clients include:


  • Devising strategies for exploitation of brands across multiple media platforms
  • Negotiating rights purchase, writer, producer, and director agreements for film and television projects
  • Locating and negotiating clearances with rights holders
  • Providing fair use opinions to film insurers and distributors
  • Negotiating traditional and digital book publishing agreements
  • Managing compliance with writers’, directors’ and actors’ unions


Estate Planning

  • Basic Estate Planning  – Ensure your assets pass to your family in accordance with your wishes, not how the state says they should pass
  • Estate Tax Planning – Maximize the amount passing to your family by implementing strategies to reduce estate taxes
  • Gift Tax Planning – Design and implement a gifting program to maximize the amount you pass to your family without running afoul of gift tax laws
  • Charitable Foundations – Establish and operate a charitable foundation that supports the causes you believe in


Domestic Relations

  • Prenuptial Agreements – Do not let a judge decide how your assets should be divided in the unfortunate event of divorce
  • Paternity Claims – Protect your reputation from frivolous claims of paternity
  • Divorce – Protect your assets and future earnings in the event you get divorced


Criminal and Civil Litigation

  • Prince Lobel will protect your rights and reputation in federal and state courts if you are faced with civil or criminal allegations.


Intellectual Property

  • Use of Name and Likeness – Protect the use of your name and likeness and maximize their value
  • Insurance
  • Coverage Review – Ensure your insurance coverage is adequate to protect you and your family in the event of your injury or death



  • General Business Planning – Design and implement a personal business plan to ensure your long-term financial well-being
  • Personal Service Companies – Establish and operate a personal services company formed as part of your personal business plan

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